Organization for the Advancement of Supernatural & Interdimensional Sciences

Slogan Aspect: “Shining the Light of Science in the Darkness”
Trouble Aspect: “That’s not REAL Science"

  • Network of Tunnels Beneath L.A.
  • IRIS (Interdependent Recursion Intelligence System) waits to assist you
  • Fostered Renegades in the Fight Against the MAN
  • NOT the Cleaners
  • ARC Project…Top Secret

O.A.S.I.S. is skills are found by adding up all the applicable Aspects for a given task. Players and GM determine which Apects apply to a specific task prior to any rolling of the dice. Each Asset and Trouble Aspects that ‘helps’ in the task give a + 1 to the Skill Bonus, while the Slogan Aspect gives a + 2. The characters can spend a Fate Point in any situation and substitute the Organization’s Skill Bonus when ever they wish if the task relevantly could include the Organization’s resources and Assets. The players may also invoke the Organizations Aspects to add a + 2 or a reroll as if it were their own, if the roll relevantly can involves the Organization.

For future reference, the Asset Aspects also serve as Consequence slots that can be attacked for + 2 Stress each. So for example if the Bad Guys decided to Collapse the Network of Tunnels, an attack could be made opposed by the Organization’s defense skill. If 2 points Stress are sustained from this attack, the Network of Tunnels Beneath L.A. would be changed to Collapsed Tunnels, Blamed by Public or something. GM would get a free invoke on this new Aspect.


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